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shoes futsal nike

Nike futsal shoes, futsal shoes of nike latest nih, still in a variant of Victory but now has a new name behind it into Futsal Shoes Nike Mercurial Victory CR7, Comes with innovative color stripes like a zebra, also called Nike Mercurial Zebra.

There was no difference in terms of technology, still the same as the previous victory only innovation of color and name only.

History Of Soccer

                 Football is the most competitive sport in the world today. There are several aspects that play an important role in determining the winner in the game of football, the team performance, individual skills, coaching soccer, and football equipment like football boots. Shoes to play football has become an integral factor to support the skills of football and scoring goals. Of course, football boots have been designed to be gripped firmly onto the grass field and can kick the ball firmly.

First football boots are black and have a pool at the base Cleats or the same color. Then the color black to classic colors for soccer shoes around the world. Current pool of soccer shoes are color variety. Starting from black to white, blue, green, orange, red and other colors, but black on football boots still considered a classic color soccer shoes. So where and how the origins of football boots that?

The history of soccer shoes diawalai beginning from the time of King Henry VIII. King Henry VIII ordered boots from the Great Wardrobe to play ball. He played in a football match in 1526 he put on those boots. Worn boot leather and hand sewn exclusively by the royal shoemaker Cornelius Johnson. For a pair of boots the ball koceknya King Henry had to pay for four shillings.

For over 300 years later, football became a popular sport and the demands to wear sensible shoes to play it. According to historical records, football boots, black classic was first recognized in the 1920's.

A few years later, the industrial revolution with the innovative shoe made by Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. Two brothers opened the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory (Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik) or the Dassler Brothers Shoe Company in Herzogenaurach in 1924. Adolf, who is also known as Adi has made various types of sports shoes. But he had known when asked Jesse Owens, a sprinter from the United States to wear homemade shoes.

Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the 1936 Summer Olympics. Later, Adolf create football boots with pads or Cleats pool that can be removed. The company two brothers did not last long. They separated in 1947 and founded their own company. Ruda named Rudolf founded the firm that would later be renamed the PUMA. While Adolf register a company named Adidas AG in 1949, this is the beginning of football boots classic black. Throughout the 1966 FIFA World Cup, 75% of football players wore Adidas soccer shoes. It was a feat in itself for these companies.
Since then the ball and pool shoes or Cleats base has been upgraded to support the performance of athletes play football professionally. Innovation continues to grow and develop with companies that boots the ball forward and create a more powerful, flexible and lightweight pool that can be controlled. Some companies who later develop innovative football boots are REEBOK, PUMA, NIKE, Diadora, Umbro, LOTTO and KELME. Soccer shoes sport today is a weapon that must-have for any footballer.

Viewing Advantages And Disadvantages Nike Mercurial Victory

                         This time I'll discuss a bit about the shortage of new shoes from Nike, the Nike Mercurial Victory models, new shoes launching in early April has a very simple design of cutting, with a variation model of printing, it is clear that Nike release a shoe with simple but interesting model in design, but unfortunately there was little shortage of indoor soccer shoes Nike Mercurial Victory is quite disturbing that

lies in the design of the shoe that cenderu murahng harder and stiffer, if we use these shoes feel stiff impression will be the first time in life, when I noticed the open shoe tread layer there appears there was a layer of black Viber, it's like that found on type of soccer shoes, chances are that make rigid, also typical of Nike futsal shoes with sewing in is also lost.

Also made ​​of synthetic materials such as other models, will be broken when it was long in use, the Nike Mercurial Victory model can be seen clearly in the crease of the front shoe, in because of use of the print on the shoe material.

The price is quite expensive if I think better to buy cheap indoor soccer shoes are made ​​from genuine leather, like the Nike Tiempo Mystic III series, almost the same price but better quality.

This weakness is based on my observations loh yes, cuman Information sharing g